“Keeta” - Personal cloud service for Indonesia

XL Axiata has launched its personal cloud service with Private Planet and NEC providing easy and secure sharing and publishing with tools to enhance communication and personal information management.

“Keeta” ,which translates as “us”, has been developed using the Private Planet personal server platform to offer a comprehensive set of cloud based services including file sharing, storage, web publishing, device to device access, address book and calendar synchronisation.

The objective of the service is to complement XL’s data and communication service portfolio, enhancing existing and new customers’ communication and sharing experience coupled with creating a new value-added revenue stream.

Private Planet was selected as the solution for “Keeta” for a number of reasons – principally:

  • A true ‘white label’ service
  • Creation of a highly customised user interface which has been developed specifically to XL’s demanding criteria.
  • Platform-neutral availability including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows PC, Mac etc
  • Flexibility of business model and terms to align with XL’s commercial imperatives

An important aspect of the decision to select Private Planet as the optimum solution is the collaboration with locally based partners to underpin service delivery, integration and continuity.

The launch of “Keeta” further endorses the global partnership between NEC Corporation and Private Planet as we collaborate on similar deployments across the globe.

XL Indonesia is a member of the Axiata group which operates in many countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia and well as a strategic interest in India and Singapore.

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