Personal Internet Mediation

In today's day and age Internet communication has become the most important information and communications medium. Placing your data or files on popular Web sites often involves sacrificing or sharing rights to your information, and has implications on the privacy of your information. Sometimes even with you losing control of your information. The files that you store on your Private Planet® server are not accessible by others, unless you want to specifically allow this by using the Planet Publish™ service. In this case, you can give publishing permissions to specific files that you store on your Planet server.

The Planet Publish™ system allows you to publish links to files that are hosted on your own Private Planet cloud computer – enabling access to your files or folders, without giving away your digital rights to the files. The links to your files can be published to popular Web sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Private Planet® uses QikLinks™ to provide short Web links for your files.

The more one uses the Internet - the more there will be a growing need for personal mediation between privacy and publicity of personal data on the Internet. Private Planet aims to provide tools and personal cloud-resident services to help the individual mediate the Internet.

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