Cloud-resident Services

We define cloud-resident services as services that are storing data on the Private Planet cloud computer or processing when no devices are on-line. Cloud-resident services can act on behalf of the user at all time. Private Planet® offers a personal cloud computing platform that can host personal cloud-resident services continuously acting on behalf of the user 24/7.

Examples of cloud-resident services that are part of Private Planet's Personal Productivity Services Suite are:

Planet Publish – the publishing service that can expose specific files to the Web and to popular Web 2.0 Web sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others.
Planet To-Do List – a to-do list which is synced across multiple devices, where the master copy of the to do list is stored on the Private Planet.
Media Navigator – a media file browser for cloud-based media, files and folders.
Planet Events – a cross-device service which alerts the user of important system events relating to users, devices and data.

Please take a closer look at the services offered in Private Planet's Personal Productivity Services Suite.

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