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Cloud Identity Management

The evolution of "Web 2.0" on the Internet—the dramatic increase in user-generated content and interaction on websites. These same social networking, blogging, and messaging technologies, have the potential to increase the flow of information between governments and citizens —in both directions. Governments are mirroring this increase in user participation - fostering increased citizen participation, involvement, and direction of the governing process itself. However, this cannot come at the sacrifice of either security or privacy.

Ensuring that citizen-to-government interactions are both easy and safe is the goal of a new branch of Internet technology focused on citizen identity that has started to develop very rapidly over the past few years.

Our CLOUDTRUST™ technology will deliver personalised cloud computing-based solution for on-line services trust and personal information trust management in the cloud.

Our solutions are based on the following:

* a cloud-based personal "trust centre" that can operate 24/7 when all of the users devices are off-line;

* mobile and desktop applications that will enable users to authorise and manage the cloud trust modules in a mobile scenario, also allowing them to quickly process authorisation / authentication events while on the move;

* an Information Card-based cloud solution incorporating both static and dynamic real-time information;

* an integration of a distributed policy system (Planet DPS) for access control to information;

* integration of mobile phone location services allowing real-time location information to be relayed via Information Cards;

* a real-time reputation-based digital service framework.

We are working with our partner Avoco Secure on cloud-based identity solutions. Please contact your Private Planet representative for further information.

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